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Family Page

My happiest moment with Heather; at her wedding:

I so miss my little girl.

Heather & I loved landscape photography. After they married, Heather, Henry and I, routinely photographed Great Smoky Mountains in the fall together. Here, me and Heather Lynn:

Mom. 5/30/1914 - 6/30/2012. (98 Years) We love you and miss you.

Mom and me.

Fran, Marie & me.

Mom, dad and me.
Below: Sister in law, Janet. Dad. Brother, Fran. Mom, seated. Sister, Marie. Niece, Karen. Brother in law, Leo. Niece, Donna. Me.


My 'other' girls.
Two of my three precious nieces; Karen and Donna.

Shirl & I attended many Foothills Fall Festivals. I usually went backstage to get autographs. This is me with good friend, Jamie O'Neal. (There Is No Arizona)

Shirl and I were married at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville 10/15/1989. This is a shot I took of her there in 7/1989

And one I recently took during the holidays 2014

Fossil Rim Wildlife Reserve 1990 - Shirl, Heather & me.


Nashville 1992 - Henry, Heather, Grandson Baby Blake (Allen & Michelle's first born) with me and Shirley.

Nashville 1989 - Henry, Heather, Shirl and Tony at Thanksgiving with Tiger in the door window!

 Maryville 1991 - Henry, Heather, Shirl & me.

Forth Worth Botanic Gardens 1988 - Heather & me.

A B&W of Heather & Henry's wedding.

Another I took in B&W of Heather in Maryville, TN.

Where did her dimple come from? From her mom or did it skip a generation and come from her grand father, Tony F. Perrone, Sr.? I think her mom!

 Thanksgiving 2013 - Allen, Skyler, Michelle, Shirl & me

Our Anniversary 12/2013

Precious Katie 6-13-1996 to 5-7-2017

At Allen's House, Sweetwater, TN Sept. 2021 with grand kids.

BELOW: At home at Christmas - 12/25/2021: Me, Shirl, Michelle, Skyler, Allen & Blake.

2022: At age 75 (05/26/2022); still moderating the Diecast Model Car Forums. A small fraction of the Franklin Mint & Danbury Mint model cars sent for my internet photo shoots & reviews, behind me:

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