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M-B SL500 Photo Page

This page showcases the Capri Blue Mercedes-Benz SL500 Roadster. (We're proud to belong to the "Mercedes-Benz Club of America" Group - fine folks and great events!)

Below: Top down, roll-bar deployed.


Below: Top up, windows up!

Below: Top up, windows down!

Below: Top down, windows down!

Thank Heaven for Turtle Wax Platinum Series Ultra Gloss!

Me with new Tattoo 5-26-2014


As Heather was fond of saying; these are Mercedes-Benz's together


The Cadillac XT5 at The Tellico Blockhouse August 2023.


The Ford F-150 STX Standard Cab in Race Red:

Can't forget the John Deere:

And the new 2021 X730!